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Top 5 Creative Bride and Groom Head Table Ideas


Photo by Half Full Photography at Weddings at Twin Oaks

Your wedding is a day to joyfully reflect who you are as a couple. At Weddings at Twin Oaks, we’ve seen creativity in full form from beautiful florals to decadent desserts and extensive décor in-between. These creative bride and groom head table ideas will get you started.

Because we are located in sunny San Marcos in San Diego County, we have access to beautiful, native flowers year-round. The sunshine and California vibe attribute to gorgeous centerpiece displays for weddings, banquets, and receptions.

 With that said, it is perfectly reasonable to go all out for your head table. Thus focus everyone’s attention on you. From speeches to toasts and a special dining moment together, the head table is a special detail to remember for every wedding reception

Creative head table ideas. What is your style? 

Creative bride and groom head table ideas start with your wedding theme and your style. These ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

  • Rustic stone fireplace background
  • Table-length floral centerpiece
  • Artistic back-drop frame
  • Natural, seasonal backdrop
  • Window frame backdrop

Best Places to Take Sunset Wedding Photos

Best Places to Take Sunset Wedding Photos

Take Advantage of “The Golden Hour” 

If you’re wanting to capture that perfect sunset picture, you’ll want to check what time sunset is and make sure you’re on location and ready to shoot. Knowing the time of sunset will help with planning the time of the ceremony. It is important to schedule the ceremony so that it concludes with ample time before sunset.

Consider how many family and wedding party photos you plan to take and give yourself enough time to get to your location in time to catch the magnificent colors. 

Choose The Best Sunset Locations

When choosing the best sunset shots, the camera will need to be pointed west. Preview the property and find areas where you’ll be comfortable facing east. Silhouetted trees or other objects in the foreground give a sense of scale and location to the scene.

Taking beautiful sunset photos can sometimes be challenging. Because of low light levels, shooting sunsets may require long exposure times, so be prepared to “hold it!” until the camera clicks. 

Discuss Sunset Effects With Your Photographer

To get those ‘money shots’, consider the use of special effects with your photographer. Some considerations include:

  1. Using off-camera flash for more portrait clarity. Since sunset portraits are always back-lit, a little fill flash will make all the difference between muddy and dark faces without the flash,.
  2. Using the camera’s flash for increased portrait exposure and an overexposed background. This is on-trend for dramatic results. 
  3. Turning off the flash and shooting silhouettes. This will result in an abstract shape of your portrait in the foreground, and the sunset in the background.
  4. Using filters. A neutral density filter can be used to enhance colors. 
All photos shot at Twin Oaks.

Lindsey and O’Brien


Chrissy Walther Photography

Our Story

O’Brien and I met at a mutual friend’s Christmas party in 2011. O’Brien expressed an interest but I had a boyfriend at the time. We remained very good friends and went through the gamut of relationships over the course of 4 years, always there to support each other and offer a laugh and the occasional coffee. In the beginning of 2015 we both went through difficult breakups. We spent a lot of time together, supporting each other and going on outings to get our minds off of a difficult time.

In June 2015 we finally realized what had been right in front of our faces the entire time. We gave dating a shot and have been inseparable ever since. O’Brien proposed one day short of our 1 year anniversary, on July 4th, 2016. Sneaky man, took my mother to dinner in June 2016 and asked my mother permission to take my hand. He then contacted my best friend, who lives on the opposite side of the country, to ask her permission and asked her to be apart of the proposal. Together the two had planned everything right up until the morning of the proposal! He proposed at the Cabrillo National Monument with a ring his mother had been saving for him 🙂