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Real Weddings at Twin Oaks

Congratulations to Melanie & Brian!

Married August 10, 2013 at Twin Oaks Golf Course.

These two are pretty amazing – they had a way of making us feel like family right off the bat, and that didn’t stop the whole day.  These two are seriously in love, and we’re happy to share their big day with you!  Every little detail was planned out.  From the beer they had on tap (the very tasty Iron Fist from Vista, CA) to the undies that the guys wore … oh you’ll see.  The whole day was absolutely stunning and we wish Melanie & Brian the very best life has to offer!


San Diego Weddings at Twin Oaks

6 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Planning a San Diego wedding is fun and new and exciting—and expensive. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the mounting cost of your big day, don’t fret! There are plenty of little tricks that will save you lots of money.

 1.      Consider an off-peak season.

Who ever said you had to get married between the months of May to October? In San Diego especially, this rule can—and should—be broken. Many venues offer discounted rates during their “slow season”, which is typically November through March. Consider a Southern California winter wedding and save some serious cash.

 2.      Choose a different day of the week.

It’s true that Saturday seems to be the unofficial day of weddings, but who says it’s a rule? Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the savings to be had. If your San Diego event venue offers a reduced rate for a non-Saturday event, take advantage of it.

 3.      Don’t serve dinner.

When it comes to catering costs, dinner is the most expensive meal you can offer your guests. How about considering a brunch wedding reception, or a lunch? Both of these choices will save considerable money on your catering bill. Another option for an evening event is to forgo dinner and instead serve heavy appetizers at a cocktail reception.

 4.      Cut costs with the dress.

Dress shopping at bridal boutique sample sales can save you a bundle. Don’t get too bogged down with the fit—instead, focus on how the style suits you. Remember that a good seamstress can fix even the most ill-fitting dress. Another option is to search consignment stores for a secondhand dress. Since most wedding gowns are only worn once, you can find some gorgeous secondhand dresses in perfect condition for only a fraction of its original cost.

 5.      Don’t go crazy with the flowers.

Flowers are certainly an important part of any wedding décor, but there are a few tips to keep in mind that will help keep the overall expenses to a minimum. First of all, use as much greenery as possible. Also, try to choose local, seasonal flowers in order to reduce expensive shipping costs. You might also want to consider doing bouquets made up of only one flower—this creates a clean, modern, monochromatic look and saves money since your florist will only need to place one bulk order.

 6.      Get crafty.

Are you a DIY kind of girl? If so, consider making your own favors. Edible favors are always a hit, so homemade cookies, peanut brittle or macaroons attractively packaged are cute, fun and will save you plenty. Another money-saving idea is to make your own centerpieces. Pinterest and craft websites have some great tutorials for this. Although it takes some additional time and planning, DIY centerpieces can save you a bundle in the end.


Weddings can be expensive, but your big day doesn’t have to break the bank. Keep these tips in mind and your San Diego wedding will be both fabulous and affordable!

How to Choose the Perfect San Diego Wedding Cake

Sampling wedding cakes may be one of the highlights of planning your San Diego wedding, but finding a cake that tastes as great as it looks can be a challenge. Thankfully, San Diego has some of the country’s best bakeries to make sure your wedding cake is perfect. Keep the following information in mind and you’re sure to find the best baker and cake design for your big day.

Figure out your budget.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment! Identify your budget first before you start scouting San Diego bakeries and get your heart set on an over-the-top elaborate design. Knowing your budgetary constraints will help you narrow your search and keep your expectations realistic. If your budget is fairly modest, you may want to look into an independent baker who makes wedding cakes out of his or her home—these cakes are often fabulous and cost far less than a bakery confection.

Ask for recommendations.

Fancy websites and glossy advertisements are eye-catching, but a personal recommendation is key when it comes to choosing your San Diego bakery. Your caterer will likely have some great input, as will your wedding venue. Don’t forget to ask friends for ideas and check online reviews for feedback from other Southern California brides.

Arrive at your tasting with ideas.

Bring magazine clippings and online photos to your cake tasting so your baker can get a clear sense of your vision. Describe your San Diego venue and overall wedding style in detail. It’s also a good idea to bring some fabric swatches and pictures of your dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses for the baker to draw further inspiration. Be as specific as you want, but don’t forget to be open to suggestions from the baker—remember that they have a lot more experience with this than you do!

Don’t forget the pesky details.

Keep the logistics in mind at all times. For example, how many people will the cake need to serve? Make sure it’s large enough to feed everybody so no one gets left out. Will your cake be sitting outside for any period of time? If so, know that buttercream icing is very susceptible to heat and humidity; although this type of weather may be a rarity in San Diego, it’s still worth keeping in mind. Will the bakery deliver the cake to your San Diego wedding venue? It’s crucial to arrange for delivery—the potential for disaster is just too frightening!

San Diego Wedding Cake

It takes some planning, but in the end you’ll have a perfect wedding cake to match your perfect San Diego wedding day. Whether it’s vanilla, chocolate or red velvet iced with fondant or buttercream, your guests will love it—and most importantly, you and your husband will love it too.