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Lindsey and O’Brien


Chrissy Walther Photography

Our Story

O’Brien and I met at a mutual friend’s Christmas party in 2011. O’Brien expressed an interest but I had a boyfriend at the time. We remained very good friends and went through the gamut of relationships over the course of 4 years, always there to support each other and offer a laugh and the occasional coffee. In the beginning of 2015 we both went through difficult breakups. We spent a lot of time together, supporting each other and going on outings to get our minds off of a difficult time.

In June 2015 we finally realized what had been right in front of our faces the entire time. We gave dating a shot and have been inseparable ever since. O’Brien proposed one day short of our 1 year anniversary, on July 4th, 2016. Sneaky man, took my mother to dinner in June 2016 and asked my mother permission to take my hand. He then contacted my best friend, who lives on the opposite side of the country, to ask her permission and asked her to be apart of the proposal. Together the two had planned everything right up until the morning of the proposal! He proposed at the Cabrillo National Monument with a ring his mother had been saving for him 🙂

Friend Zone to End Zone

Ben and I, Lesley, were actually set-up by our moms almost 6 years ago.  We met for coffee and had a great conversation, but he was still put in the friend zone for 2 years.  Eventually I came to my senses and realized what a great guy he is and how lucky I would be to end up with him.


Now we’ve been together as a couple for about 4 years.  Ben proposed just before Christmas of 2015 at House of Hints, a company that has escape room experiences.  He arranged to have the ring as one of the clues in the puzzle to get out of the room.  I, of course, had no idea; when given the hint to find the black box on the shelf, I didn’t think it was necessary.

House of Hints – Engagement Photo


I unlocked the door that got us out of the room and found our families waiting there for us.  It was then that I realized we need that little black box. When we found it, Ben proposed in front of everyone.  It was a very special moment with both of our parents there, considering their integral role in helping us find each other.  We are looking forward to our wedding date next July and can’t wait for all the joys of marriage!

Rachel and Andrew

Rachel and Andrew met in high school and started dating their senior year in high school four years ago. The two recently got engaged in August 2016 during Rachel’s annual family trip in Mammoth Lakes, CA. This happy couple loves to go hiking, skiing, and go to car shows as well. After they tie the knot, “we are most excited to start our new careers together and eventually start our own little family!”


Why They Chose Twin Oaks…

“We chose Twin Oaks Valley Golf Course as our venue because it is the perfect blend of being simple, classy, and beautiful!”

When You Know, You Know!

Adam and Karen met last April 2016. Their first date was at Hotel del Coronado, it was the best first date either of them had ever been on. After years of dating and being hit or miss, it was so refreshing for Karen to meet Adam. She explained that “Adam was so honest, persuasive, and well very handsome”. He was always thinking and planning out their next date which was something so new to Karen.

And that was IT!

The two became girlfriend and boyfriend pretty quickly. Karen admitted “I knew that this was IT for me, plus Adam was pretty open about wanting to marry me from day one”! Adam proposed on October 31st while the two were on a trip in Napa, California. How could anyone not get engaged at the most romantic place on Earth, right? Adam nailed it!

Here at Twin Oaks we love how this cute couple announced their engagement on social media, so creative!

Karen and Adam 10-31-2016

She Said Yes!

We chose Weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course…

“Because it had a little bit of home for both of us. Adam is a country boy from Mississippi and I’m just a gal from Arizona. Adam loved the trees surrounding the golf course and I loved the mountains. Plus, Jill was so welcoming and patient with us making it pretty easy for us to decide on twin oaks.”

“We are both looking forward to sharing our love, loyalty, faithfulness, and admiration for one another for the rest of our lives”.

Best Friends, Partners and Soul Mates

Our Story

Lauren and Ismael met back in 7th Grade at Woodland Park Middle School. For two years they had random classes together; Science with Mrs. Marks, History with Mr. Crawford and PE with Mr. Logan. Ismael was always that friendly face and funny personality, cracking jokes while maintaining a sincere friendship. When they went to high school, they did what most Middle School friends do… separate and find your new group. High school was a beast. Ismael played Football his freshmen year and discovered his love for art, computers and cars. Lauren continued her love of Volleyball and followed her passion with school. Senior year Lauren’s Dad passed away, and life was never the same.

Graduation came and once again everyone separates to find their callings.  A few years later Lauren and Ismael reconnected through a random mutual friend, Jason. One day Lauren came home to find a message from Ismael on Myspace with the line “Remember me?” Instantly the two picked up their friendship right where they had left off.

Initially they had no intention of dating or any romantic connection, but that’s how some of the strongest relationships start. They began spending more and more time together and what was once a fun friendship blossomed into something much more. A love for the ages, an undeniable passion, and an unwavering respect for one another.  Best Friends, Partners and Soul Mates. The rest… is history <3

Why did we choose Twin Oaks Golf Course?

“I had my heart set on finding a venue that supported an outdoor area that we could hang market lights from. I always envisioned our wedding in the evening with soft romantic details- lighting being a huge part of that. When I toured Twin Oaks I fell in love… The venue had EVERYTHING we wanted. I love the ability to mix it up, and have different parts of the wedding in different rooms. The Patio area with the large fireplace and market lights was the icing on the cake- perfection. Not to mention – It was one of more reasonably priced venues.” – Laura Hennessey

All About the Action

Part 7 of Lights, Camera, Action! 


Smooch Booth Action

Action Stations are quickly gaining popularity at weddings. Why? Because they make for great ice breakers if your guests don’t know everyone at your wedding! Action stations get your guests up and mingling while you’re taking pictures or a moment for yourselves. Some fun stations to think about for your wedding should include, Photo booths, Adult Snow Cones and a favorite of ours since we’re lucky enough to have our own fireplace is roast your own S’mores. Recently a couple had a build your own ice cream sandwich station, Ice cream cookie sandwiches as an extra dessert. A sweet treat for an extra sweet event, it is fair to say everyone screamed for ice cream!DIY Ice cream sandwiches Action Station

Games for everyone!

Having various games at weddings such as mini-golf, bat mitten and Corn-hole, lead to some fun candid shots. Besides getting guests out of their seats and mingling, games get your guests away from the just hanging out by the bar, which will inevitably help keep your tab down. Really it’s a win-win 🙂

brianmelanie-blog-240-x3Bocce Ball at your Fallbrook Wedding Reception

Consider having various games for all ages such as mini-golf, croquet, bat mitten and Corn-hole. These games lead to some fun candid shots and help keep the kiddos entertained.


Lighting, fun and right photographer lead to some great pictures! Come up with a clever hashtag so all your friends and family can see the photo’s when you post and so you can see some of the shots from your guests. Not good at creating clever hashtags? I know I’m not. Make it a game at your bridal shower, best hashtag wins a bottle of wine, a pedicure or maybe just the bragging rights of knowing they came up with your special hashtag.

Thank you for joining us for our 7 part mini blog series “Lights, Camera, Action!”. If you have any questions or comments about our venue and vendors please contact us, we would love to answer your questions!


Photo Rights, Part 6 of Lights, Camera, Action!

We’re not done yet! The price is right and their personality is bright, but hold on tight, you might not have the rights to your photos after tonight!

Make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you sign the photo contract.  Here are some key discussion points to remember:

– Discuss your rights over your photos, do you have unlimited rights to do as you wish with your pictures?

– Who can print and post the photos? Typically photographers will only give you permission to post photos if they are water marked or give credit to them. In some cases the only way you can print your photos is by ordering them through your photographer or their company.

Rights – Future Photo Usage

Just because they are your photos and photos of you, does not necessarily mean you use them. Not big on the idea of anyone being able to view your photos? Have it stated in the contract that the images are only for a private shopping cart. The photographer can still own the copyright, but they will have the ability to post the photos so your family can view and purchase them. Unlimited usage is typically more convenient to you as a client. Unlimited usage means you’re not in charge of getting the photos out to Aunt Wilma in Nebraska. Most couples want the pictures online for family to order. If you own the copyright, the photo studio doesn’t have the right to put them on the shopping cart to show or sell online.

UNLIMITED usage is key!

True Photography made sure to mention that “What is most important is that you have unlimited usage of the images. This gives you the freedom to print the images, share them, give them away, etc…”. Basically, you can do whatever you want except sell your photos for profit.

Lastly, you’ll want to know how long it will take to receive them. While some photographers have assistants that can edit your photos on the spot and post them instantly, it may take another individual months to get your photos back to you. Turnaround time largely depends on your package, how many pictures you are expecting and what pictures need retouching. We know your wedding is the most important one on their to-do list. But be patient, there may be other happy couples also awaiting their photos because you all picked an amazing photographer.

029Michelle_George (1)

*Impressed and interested with our wedding photos here at Twin Oaks Golf Course? We are more than happy to share our vendors with you and discuss your wedding ideas!*

Find the Right Photographer for You – Lights, Camera, Action!

Once you’ve had time to shop around and look into various photographers or photo companies you’ll want to sit down and really review the photographers work or brand consistency, and personality before you consider them for the job. Then once you’ve settled on a photographer or company start reviewing the packages and specific details.

While we all have that one filter that makes our makeup pop just the way we like it, it’s just a trend, please try to stay away from trending styles. Remember how popular glamor shots were back in the 90’s and now we shutter when we walk past them in the hall way? I speculate that one day we will feel the same way about those cheesy SnapChat filters.

So, what exactly makes the best shot?

Timeless with an Edge

Timeless with an Edge

Glad you asked! The best shot has to start with technical precision. The photo has to be shot with proper exposure, framing, and lighting, if not – then it’s just a good try.  Once the technique is established, then finding creativity or emotion within the image is important. Having all of these ingredients is what is going to produce a professional picture. Keep that inmind when looking at galleries from potential photographers, take note and try to avoid super trends like overly faded images, overly saturated colors that make people orange or neon. Basically stay away from current trends as they become dated quickly. True Photography mentions, “Keep it clean, classy, true to the moment, with beautiful color and contrast. We love images that are timeless with an edge, we feel that those will look amazing in 30 years”.

Photographer vs. Company

There are benefits with hiring an individual photographer as well as a larger studio with a handful of photographers. Hiring an individual photographer guarantees you that everything will be done by that one person. It is smaller and intimate. When hiring a larger company you are going more for the overall brand. With a solid brand and company it can bring great consistency and a very streamlined process. The big advantage of hiring within a solid company or brand, is that if one photographer gets a fever or breaks their leg the day before your wedding, there will be another photographer of equal caliber and training in the studio that has the same talent and approach. This almost give you a built in insurance policy. The key when viewing either an individual or larger studio is to view many galleries to see that consistency.

It is important to make sure that you like the studio/ photographers overall vibe and personality. But the final determining factor should be because you LOVE the work. It’s about finding the style and look that you really connect with.  It is important that your photographer is pleasant. But more importantly, it’s that they have the talent to produce amazing images, because that’s all that is left after the wedding day. The photographer is there for a blink of time (my parents don’t even remember their photographer’s name), but those images will always be there.  Basically, I suggest that you don’t get distracted by choosing someone who is really cool or because they remind you of your best friend from college. Consider that a bonus. Make sure that they are offering the end product that matches your vision.

When to say “Yes”

Do you love the work? Do you love many galleries? Does the company have amazing reviews in the industry or on Yelp? If you have said yes to all of these questions, then you my friend have found the right fit! Time to sit down and discuss the details:

-Costs of Packages

-Special effects (black and white, retouches, etc.)

– Number of images that you receive

-Hours and travel expense

Photos- Part Four of Lights, Camera, Action!


While today’s cell phones take amazing photos, and we all know that one person who takes “the best cell phone pictures ever.” However, on your wedding day it’s always best to leave those special photos and memories of a lifetime to the pros’. First things first, you must decide on what style of photography you want; super artistic, stylized portraiture, candid’s, formal/traditional, trendy, or timeless. Perhaps you’re looking for a nice balance of all of the above? Choosing a style early on will help you choose from the seemingly abundant photographers.

Once you’ve picked your style, it’s time to hit the books and do your research. A great starting point is looking at friends and family’s wedding photos, if you like the photographer’s work you will already have a mutual connection, know their reliability and possibly even receive a referral discount. Friends and family photos, not exactly what you’re looking for? Then look to various Social Media sites that allow clients to post feedback. Often times, you will see large selections of different venues, occasions and clientele this person has taken photos for. By reviewing photographers on Social media sites you will be able to see how people rate the artist’s work and professionalism.

Book Early! This applies to your venue, wedding coordinator and photographer.

“The advantage of booking early is you get who you want vs. who’s left. There will always be an available photographer, that’s not a question. Their skill level and the quality of your photos is what you’ll be questioning.  A year to a year and a half out is a safe time to book, but there may be people still available six to eight months out” said Aaron of True Photography. Remember weddings like 11-11-11, 10-11-12, and other cute easy to remember dates get booked fast. This especially applies if you are getting married on a more common day, such as a Saturday.

When meeting with the photographer pay close attention to the galleries that are shot in a similar setting to yours. Try to look at as many galleries as possible. What you’re looking for are the key moments that you want captured during your wedding.  The key moments Katherine Heigl from 27 Dresses describes as, “You know how the bride makes her entrance and everybody turns to look at her? That’s when I look at the groom. ‘Cause his face says it all you know? The pure love there”. That’s what you want, and it happens to be a popular shot!

Other photos you’ll want to make sure the photographer has experience taking are the photos that make it on the wall, such as the family portrait. Most importantly, an experienced photographer knows how to not only catch the moments everyone’s expecting, but just as important, catch the moments nobody else sees or thinks of.  This is where the photographer’s creativity comes into play. That is why having a photographer who is candid and spontaneous while being technical is extremely important.


Photo By: True Photography Weddings Michelle and George

Not Your Average Two Step

Jeff and Natasha met at their now favorite bar Incahoots. Incahoots is a lively line dancing, Country themed bar located in Mission Valley. Jeff who had been a regular for at least a year before Natasha had started going to the bar, tricked her into thinking it was his first time visiting the bar. Long story short, Jeff went out on the dance floor and showed Natasha that it was definitely not his first rodeo. From there Jeff was able to Two Step his way from the dance floor into Natasha’s heart. They have now been dating for three years since that night at Incahoots.

Last year the couple went on a vacation to the beautiful island of Kauai, HI. While in Kauai they went on a tour to see the Fern Grotto; a renowned romantic destination because of the lush ferns growing on the cave walls as a result of moisture seeping from the irrigation of sugarcane growing on the cliff plateau. As they were approaching the end of the tour to head back to the boat, it is a tradition for the tour guides to play “the wedding song“. As part of the tradition at the end of the song you kiss the person next to you. Before Jeff and Natasha headed back to the boat, Jeff asked another couple if they could take a picture of them. Then, he asked them to take one more… Jeff got down on one knee and proposed, of course Natasha said yes!

We Chose Weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course Oaks because…

“We thought it represented who we are as a couple and as individuals. We’re both very simple people and Twin Oaks had that vibe about it. It is one of the locations that you don’t even need to add many decorations to it, because it is just naturally beautiful. The first time we saw the venue together we knew this was the place for us instantly. As a married couple, we’re both looking forward to building our lives together. We both want to travel the world and experience different countries and cultures and we couldn’t be happier than to spend it with each other (as corny as that sounds)”.

From Restaurant to Romance

Scott and Jessica, Engagement Photo

Scott and Jessica

Scott and Jessica have been together for about 2.5 years. They met while working at a restaurant together. Through working at the restaurant they became best friends and have grown together, even adopting their fur baby, Snickers. As the saying goes, “the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach”, being a chef, that’s just what Scott did. It all started with a heart shaped pizza.

The night they got engaged, Scott had arranged for a limo to pick them up. As the limo arrived Scott anxiously dropped to one knee and asked the question of all questions, “Will you marry me”? An excited Jessica said, “Yes!”. When they got into the limo there were roses waiting and they popped the champagne bottle while on their way to a nice dinner in La Jolla. Their night didn’t end there though, after dinner they went to a Padres Game and went to a hidden bar where they had another mini dinner.

“We chose Twin Oaks because it is a beautiful venue. The availability for all the different rooms was amazing and gave us so many options. Twin Oaks seems very inclusive with the wedding packages. The ceremony area is beautiful and the golf course will be amazing for pictures. It was everything we wanted, greenery, fountains, a lake, the fireplace patio is beautiful, and there is also an indoor location for the reception.” – Jessyca Henman

Holy Maca-Ring! Congratulations to the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Jarquin

Ortega Jarquin WeddingHector and I have been together for a little over 3.5 years. He proposed the day before our 3rd year anniversary! The proposal took me by surprise, which made it so much more memorable. We went to Carlsbad beach during sunset time and Hector surprised me with a wheel of macaroons (they are my favorite cookies, I’m obsessed.) When he opened the box the ring was in the middle!!! I was speechless. I was shocked I don’t remember him asking “will you marry me?” and I’m constantly asking for a “do over.”macaroon wheel

Hector and I met through a mutual friend, the funny thing is that we went to the same high school but we never crossed paths. He graduated from UCR and I graduated from UCSB. At times we can be very opposite in certain aspects, but we balance each other out. We really enjoy hiking with our dogs on the weekends, and exploring San Diego. We love all of the Marvel super hero movies, and I’ve gotten Hector to enjoy scary movies, some of my favorites include, The Conjuring, Annabelle, and The Orphanage.

“When we started looking at venues, we researched online through Google and The Knot. When we found your website we really liked the pictures. We made an appointment to tour the facility with Jill, and she was a great help! The venue has a beautiful view, and we fell in love with the outdoor space! We really liked the packages for food and drinks! It is a gorgeous space and we don’t feel like we are breaking the bank. The open house sealed the deal for us because it was nice to see it with decorations, and all the food. We both could see our wedding taking place there, and our parents loved it too!” – Rebeca Ortega

Congratulations, we can’t wait to bring your big day to life!

Party Lights and Party People


Turn the lights down low and let’s dance!

While many people have started to shy away from strobe lights, and rightfully so! Disco lights are still very much a part of the scene. DJ’s, are always up to date on the latest lighting, music trends and have many idea’s that ensure you will get your groove on. Some things you can plan to ask a potential DJ is if they offer uplighting, gobo’s, and market lighting, as discussed in Lights- Part 1. If available, your DJ can change the colors, add a custom monogram for “let’s dance” and rotate the through different colors to really get the energy going. Ask to see past events the DJ has hosted, in this day of YouTube and technology there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to find a reputable DJ’s past hosted events.

Want to take your dancing to the next level? Dancing queens are turning to light-up dance floors. What more can you think of!?

For more information, contact or view our preferred vendor list.

Dazzling Outdoor Lights

Summer weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course, evening patio with market lightsLights – Part 2

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time for outside weddings! With the right lights and ambiance you can turn any patio into your perfect dream wedding. Here are some of our favorite outdoor looks.




Summer weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course, String lights

Market lights are back and in popular demand. Many venues like Twin Oaks Golf Course already have market lights set up, giving our patio a classic nostalgic touch to allow for an intimate evening. If your selected venue does not have market lights there are many local listings that will go to your venue and take care of the set-up and take-down. Use String lights as a great alternative to decorate walls, ivy, bushes and trees to give your wedding that extra little dazzle that makes for beautiful romantic pictures.

Summer weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course, market lights with lanterns


Chandeliers and lanterns – no longer reserved for inside only. Chandeliers are being used outside to give the venue a personal touch from the bride and groom. Used them to change the entire style of wedding from modern to rustic or rustic to traditional. One of our favorites here, is to mix in some lanterns with our market lights. This adds a little more detail to our venue. Want to make it more personalized for your wedding? Order lanterns in your wedding colors or have a monogram placed on the lantern. Later you can take the lanterns home and use them on your own patio as a keepsake.






Lights, Camera, Action!

Weddings at Twin Oaks, uplighting

Beautiful Example of Uplighting

Join Us for a 7 Part Mini Blog on Wedding Idea’s and Advice!

Part 1…

Want to decorate those plain white walls at your wedding venue?

Try uplighting. Uplighting can be used to bring attention to the wedding party table, desserts, entrances and whatever else your heart desires! Add your wedding colors to the room and break up plain white walls. One of the best things about uplighting is they can change quickly to whatever color needs to be used and this can signal to your guests that it’s time to eat, toast or dance!

Gobo lighting is one of the latest trends to hit wedding walls. Gobo “Goes Before Optics” is a small stencil that slides over the light source to project any desired image on a wall, dance floor or ceiling. What’s great about this is it can be unique to you. Often times the happy couple will have a stencil of their monograms, dates or a starry night.

For more information, contact or view our preferred vendor list.


Weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course, Personalized gobo

Personalized Gobo. PC: Equinox Photo

Weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course. Personalized gobo

Gobo on The Dance Floor



Charley & Amy

Military Couple

It was a regular work day…

Amy was working as a civil military contractor, her job consisted of visiting every military installation from Hawaii to the Midwest and everything in-between. Amy had met what felt like a million people on her travels, nobody had made her stop in her tracks quite like Charley did. Charley is a U.S. Marine stationed in Camp Pendleton. Amy literally walked into Charlie’s life and he became like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, “mine. mine. mine.” It was love at first sight for the both of them.

Now the couple can’t wait to get married and share their love with friends and family that will soon allow them to share a last name.

Ximena & Kyle

Weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course

I met Ximena through work. Some friends planned a beach day. I tried teaching Ximena how to surf and we hit it off. The rest as you say is history. J

We got engaged on December 27th 2015. 

We both love the Lord, enjoy beach days, hiking, quality food, family, friends and traveling.

We choose Twin Oaks as our wedding venue because we felt it was such a beautiful place to get married. We were looking for a specific budget range and with the variety of Twin Oaks wedding package options it  completely exceeded our expectations.

Carol Anne & John

We got engaged December 12, 2015 (we went horseback riding on the beach — it was amazing!)


We selected Twin Oaks as our venue for a few reasons — it’s where I grew up (right across the street from my house), and it had everything I was looking for in a venue (I love the grass area with the arch, the cute patios on the side, and the indoor clubhouse for the reception! I wanted to be able to have the ceremony and the reception at the same place.

We are both really looking forward to just being together more and doing life with each other after we get married. I currently live in San Marcos and John lives in Pacific Beach — it will be nice not to have to be so far apart!

Congratulations Berkleigh & Angel

As the wedding day approaches, Angel and I are getting more and more excited! We can’t wait to move forward with the food menu/location set up!

Berkleigh & Angel

We got engaged Nov 15, 2014. He asked me to marry him on the cliffs of La Jolla at sunset! Thank you and we look forward to planning the rest of our wedding with you soon!

San Diego Weddings Information

Quick Tips and Useful Information

Weddings at Twin Oaks offers help to plan and execute the perfect wedding reception.

We would be nothing if it weren’t for the great relationships we’ve forged with many of San Diego’s best event vendors. We’ve worked with each of these companies many times (and many other great companies not on that list) and can’t stress how important the venue and vendor selection process is.

Once you’ve found a Ceremony & Reception Venue in San Diego, the typical order of selecting vendors is as follows:


  • Wedding Planner, Wedding DJ, Photographer/Videographer
  • Dresses, Invitations, Flowers, Officiant
  • Photo Booth, Event Lighting, Party Rentals, Cake
  • Favors, Wedding Party Thank You Gifts, etc…


Obtaining your marriage license in San Diego County is pretty simple. All you have to do is bring your fiance to one of the San Diego County Clerk’s Offices and fill out some preliminary paperwork. You can download the standard marriage application HERE. Once your application is processed and approved, you will then bring that certificate to your wedding ceremony. Both of you, your wedding officiant, and witnesses can sign it after the conclusion of your wedding ceremony. Simply, return a copy to the City Clerk and your authorized copy will arrive back in a few weeks! Your San Diego Wedding experience will then be completed!

Congratulations Catie & Phil

We are so excited to be hosting your March Wedding at Twin Oaks Golf Course! We look forward to making your day very special.

Weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course - Catie and Phil

About the Happy Couple:

Catie and Phil met through mutual friends. After maintaining a long distance relationship, Catie made the move to California to be with Phil. After three and a half years of dating, Phil proposed to Catie at Disneyland during the post-race festivities of their annual half marathon.

Why they selected Twin Oaks Golf Course:

“We picked Twin Oaks because it is close to home and has such great reviews. The staff have been super wonderful so far and we are looking forward to the next few months.”

Congratulations Lisa & Brad

We are so excited to be hosting your September Wedding at Twin Oaks Golf Course! We look forward to making your day very special.

Weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course, Lisa and Brad

About the Happy Couple:

Lisa and Brad met at University of California, San Diego, and have been best friends ever since. They’ve enjoyed each other’s company for six years, and look forward to laughing together for the rest of their lives.

Why they selected Twin Oaks Golf Course:

“We selected Twin Oaks Golf Course because of the amazing venue and how great the staff is. Both Jill and Pam have been nothing but quick and helpful with our questions. I cannot wait to have our dream wedding here in September 2015!”

Congratulations Allie & Roberto

We are so excited to be hosting your August Wedding at Twin Oaks Golf Course! We look forward to making your day very special.

About the Happy Couple:

Roberto and Allie met at BJs Restaurant, where they both worked. They quickly became friends and were dating seriously not long after that. After the birth of their daughter, Audrey, they were engaged and planning a wedding.

Why they selected Twin Oaks Golf Course:

“We selected Twin Oaks because we wanted an outdoor space to have both the reception and ceremony, Twin Oaks is close to our house and we loved the space and area as soon as we walked in.”

Choosing Your San Diego Wedding Reception Meal Style

The first big choice you’ll make as you plan your dinner is how to serve your guests. Back in the day, couples pretty much had two choices: a sit-down dinner or a buffet. But nowadays, there are so many more options to explore when deciding how to serve your reception meal. To help you figure out the best serving style for your celebration, we’ve outlined the five most popular meal options, along with some pros and cons for each.

San Diego Reception Meal Style: Plated Dinner
What it is: A plated, sit-down dinner is considered the most traditional and formal option as each guest is individually served a plated meal. Typically, guests are served three courses: appetizer, entrée, and dessert (sometimes a fourth course—an intermezzo or amuse bouche—is added before the entrée). Guests are usually given a choice of two (or three) entrées, which they select beforehand; another option is to serve each guest two proteins, such as meat and fish, on one plate (sometimes called a “duet” plate).

Why we love it: Everyone at the table gets their food at the same time. Also, by knowing the selections beforehand, food costs will be lower than a buffet or family-style meal. You can spread out activities (like dances and toasts) in between each course to keep guests engaged and maintain a nice energy throughout the meal service.

Things to consider: A sit-down meal requires more servers, both due to the plating in the kitchen and to serve the meal to guests. So the staffing portion of your catering bill will be higher. Also, the food options are limited to what you picked during your tasting, so if you have a lot of picky eaters in attendance, there’s a chance they may not eat everything on their plate.

San Diego Reception Meal Style: Buffet
What it is: Food stations are set up on long tables where guests can walk along and serve themselves. Another option is to have servers stationed behind the buffet table serving each dish. A buffet-style reception is usually considered the most casual style of meal service.

Why we love it: Fewer servers are needed with a buffet reception, which means you may save some money on your catering-staff charges (though you still need staffers to tend to the buffet, and waiters to provide water and wine to the tables). Buffets make it easier and more cost effective to provide guests with a variety of choices, which is helpful since many people have so many types of allergies and dietary restrictions. This service style also promotes mingling and interacting among guests.

Things to consider: Guests have to serve themselves and carry their own plates, which may not be as elegant as you would like. Buffets also require larger quantities of food since people tend to eat more when they serve themselves, which will add to your food costs.

San Diego Reception Meal Style: Food Stations
What it is: A station-style reception is one where the food is spread out among different “stations” throughout the reception space. For example, there may be one area that is a carving station, a raw bar, a tapas station, a dessert station, and so forth. The portions served at each station are typically on the smaller side, usually requiring just two or three bites to finish.

Why we love it: Creative food stations and presentations are crowd-pleasers; guests will also appreciate the wide variety of dishes and the interactive element. Since the stations are spread out throughout the space, guests won’t likely have to wait in line (for very long, at least). At cook-to-order stations, guests can request exactly how they would like their dish prepared. This meal style also promotes a lot of interaction among guests.

Things to consider: Your reception site will need ample room to accommodate the extra space food stations require. You will also need more chefs if you have interactive stations (i.e. pasta, carving stations, etc.), adding to your food bill.

San Diego Reception Meal Style: Family-Style *TREND ALERT*
What it is: Popular in 2014 and continuing into 2015, Family Style is similar to a sit-down dinner, with guests assigned to specific dinner tables and waiters to bring the food to the table. However, large portions of the dinner offerings are placed on each table on serving platters for guests to fill their own plates (it’s just like sitting down for dinner at home with your family!). This popular San Diego Wedding trend reminds us of home-style family dinners we all grew up with.

Why we love it: Guests can help themselves to as much food as they’d like. The mealtime will be very efficient since guests can begin eating immediately after serving themselves. This service style also promotes interacting and conversations among guests.

Things to consider: Family-style dining requires ample space on your dinner tables for the various platters and dishes. You may need to increase your budget for rental items to account for additional platters and serving pieces.

San Diego Reception Meal Style: Cocktail-Style Reception *TREND ALERT*
What it is: Another more recent trend, a cocktail-style reception features hors d’oeuvres and other small bites offered all evening long in lieu of a sit-down meal. The hors d’oeuvres are usually one- or two-bite portions and can be a combination of hot and cold options. The hors d’oeuvres can be passed by servers or stationary for guests to get themselves. This reception style is a good choice for couples wanting a more casual atmosphere and for their guests to really mingle and meet each other.

Why we love it: If your venue is small, cocktail receptions allow you to have more people since you won’t need dinner tables and chairs for every guest. They’re also typically shorter than a sit-down meal, and they allow you and your groom to easily circulate throughout the room and chat with everyone. Also, since you’re not serving a main entrée, your food costs could potentially be more affordable.

Things to consider: Some guests may not have attended a cocktail wedding reception, so there may be some confusion if they are expecting a full meal (which is why it’s important to word your invitation clearly, like this: “Please join us for a cocktail reception after the ceremony”). However, while your food costs might be lower, your guests will likely drink more than at a dinner reception, so your liquor costs might go up. Since most people won’t be seated, some guests will have trouble seeing events like the first dance.

Weddings from Around the World

Love is universal, but how we celebrate love and union differs from place to place, person to person.

1410_graphic-jc golf-world weddings-compressed

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American wedding customs borrow heavily from other cultures, allowing for great flexibility.
While veils have become an element of the bride’s fashion…

  • The Romans implemented flame-colored veils to ward off evil spirits.
  • In many religions, the veil symbolizes respect and humility before God.
  • In Victorian times, the length, weight, and quality of the veil signified the bride’s social status.

The “something old, something new…” tradition comes from an Old English rhyme with each object meant as a good luck charm.

  • Something old: Continuity
  • Something new: Optimism for the future
  • Something borrowed: Borrowed happiness
  • Something blue: Purity, love, fidelity
  • A sixpence in your shoe: Good fortune and prosperity


After the bride accepts the proposal, the groom is expected to give the bride’s father a watch.

Madrinas and padrinos, which are special wedding sponsors, act as mentors throughout the couple’s engagement and marriage.

The groom gives the bride 13 gold coins (las arras), which symbolize good luck and the groom’s ability to financially provide for the bride.

After the exchange of vows, the lazo, a long strand of rosary beads, is placed around the couple’s necks in the shape of a figure eight, symbolizing union and protection.


The traditional wedding cake is a fruit cake laced with strong rum.

  • As soon as the couple is engaged, the groom’s grandmother is responsible for soaking dried fruit in rum during the engagement period.
  • The mother or grandmother of the bride bakes the cake using the rum-soaked fruit a week before the wedding.
  • On the morning of the wedding, the cake is carried to the venue in a procession led by the village matriarchs.

The bride’s gown incorporates a piece of lace from her mother’s gown.

Under the groom’s supervision, men of the community construct a marquee for the venue using coconut boughs.


Pakistani weddings occur in stages over a few days.

  • Mehndi – The two families come together to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Guests wear green, orange, yellow, and other bright colors. The bride’s hands are painted with henna.
  • Baraat – Considered the main wedding event, the event is hosted by the bride’s family and includes a feast and a holy ceremony (Nikah) wherein the bride and groom are declared husband and wife.
  • Walima – This event is hosted by the groom and his family and involves a big feast and general merriment.


During the pre-wedding ceremony, called mandap muhurat, the bride and groom are rubbed with turmeric powder for smooth skin.

Female friends apply henna paintings to the bride’s hands.

Saptapadi, the exchange of vows, is the most important part of the ceremony.

  • The bride and groom circle a sacred fire three times.
  • The couple exchanges vows after the first round, which takes exactly seven steps.
  • After the third round, the groom gives the bride a silver ring.

In lieu of cake, newlyweds feed each other five bites of (usually) honey and yogurt.


The morning of the wedding, the groom must perform various tasks for the bride’s family in an elaborate ceremony before the bride is “let go.”

A pre-wedding tea ceremony acts as a “formal introduction” between the bride and the groom’s family.

Superstitions dictate that the exchange of vows happens at a half hour mark, ensuring that the marriage starts on a literal upswing with the hands of the clock moving up to the top.


The bride is painted white to signify that she is a pure maiden.

The bride also wears an elaborate hood to hide her “horns of jealousy,” symbolizing her urge to become an obedient, gentle wife.

San-san-kudo – The groom and the bride take three separate sips of rice wine from different cups. The sake is then offered to their families to symbolize new bonds.

South Korea

South Korean weddings often start with a more modern Western ceremony before proceeding to a smaller traditional ceremony.

Traditionally, a man wishing to marry a woman would provide her parents with a pair of live geese. Today, the geese have been replaced by a pair of wooden ducks, symbolizing the bride and groom.

The bride and groom seal their union by drinking a special rice wine poured into a half-gourd.

At the end of the traditional paebaek ceremony, the parents throw dried dates at the couple. The couple holds an embroidered sheet between them. The number of dates they catch indicates the number of children they will have.


When a German girl is born, the family plants several trees in her honor. Come wedding day, the trees are sold, and the money is used for her dowry.

Friends and family also print a wedding newspaper, featuring pictures and articles about the couple. The paper is sold at the wedding, and the money goes toward the honeymoon.


On the wedding day, the bride’s family and friends block entrance into her home. The groom and his “best men” must sing and force their way into the bride’s home.


The groom and his family proposes to the bride in the presence of friends, family, and well-wishers.


The Swahili people bathe their brides in sandalwood oils and draw henna designs on her limbs.


Some sources suggest that Malagasy grooms practice the traditions of vodiondry and tampi-maso.

  • Literally translating to “lamb’s rump,” vodiondry is a gift given by the groom to the bride’s parents as a sign of respect and gratitude.
  • Meaning “eyewear,” the tampi-maso is a gift given to the bride’s brother, traditionally meant as a decoy to distract him from the sorrow of losing his sister.


Friends and family tie a knot in front of the wedding chapel as a sign of the newlyweds union.

At the end of the wedding reception, Italians will often break glass. The number of glass shards determines the number of happy years of marriage.


During Leap Years, women are traditionally expected to propose to men.

Irish brides used to carry real horseshoes for luck. Now they have porcelain or fabric horseshoes.

Czech Republic

Prior to the wedding, the bride’s friends plant a tree in her yard. The tree is decorated with painted eggshells and colorful ribbons. According to legend, the bride will live as long as the tree.


The wedding cake, known as the kransekake, is made of bread and is topped with cream, cheese, and syrup.

The bride wears a silver or gold crown featuring spoon-shaped bangles that, according to legend, ward off evil spirits with their tinkling.


Welsh grooms carve lovespoons for their potential brides. Traditionally, the spoon showed the bride’s father that the groom could provide for his family and is capable of fine woodworking.


Vykup nevesty – On the day of the wedding, the groom must pay a ransom—normally jewelry or money—to the bride’s parents. Once the parents are satisfied, they give the bride away to the groom.


Swedish brides traditionally wear three rings:

  • One for engagement
  • One for marriage
  • One for motherhood

During the reception, if the groom leaves the room, the other men are allowed to kiss the bride, and vice versa.

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Congratulations Shannon & Preston!

Congratulations to Shannon & Preston!

Shannon and Preston

We are so excited that you chose Twin Oaks Golf Course for your Wedding Reception!

We can’t wait to make your wedding celebration everything you’ve dreamed of!

Congratulations Faith & Brandon!

Congratulations to Faith & Brandon on your engagement!

Faith and Brandon

We are honored that you have selected Twin Oaks Golf Course for your wedding day!  We look forward to making your Spring wedding as beautiful as the two of you!

Congratulations Cristin & Daniel!

Congratulations Cristin & Daniel on your engagement!
Cristin & Daniel are coming all the way from Massachusetts to get married and we couldn’t be happier that they selected Twin Oaks Golf Course for their very special day!

Cristin and Daniel

You can’t help but smile looking at this fantastic picture from their recent trip to NYC!

You probably won’t be needing those heavy coats in beautiful North San Diego County!

Congratulations Cassandra & Dusty!

Congratulations to Cassandra & Dusty on your recent engagement!  We are so excited that you selected Twin Oaks Golf Course to host your wedding!  We look forward to making your day very special!

Cassandra & Dusty



Real Weddings at Twin Oaks

Congratulations to Mackenzie & Sawyer!

Mackenzie & Sawyer came all the way from Arkansas for their sunset wedding at Twin Oaks Golf Course!  Seems fitting since the surprise proposal was also at sunset in California!  These two have a heartwarming story and their love for each other is beyond measure!

This was a beautiful, intimate ceremony & reception!  Their families showered them with love and even surprised Mackenzie with her own plate of fried chicken!  She had some surprises of her own by ordering a special cake for her Dad!

A special Thank you to Jeri @ The Posy Peddler for the beautiful flowers and to Heidi Hopp, A Slice of Life Photography, for the amazing photos!

Congratulations Amanda & Chris!

Congratulations Amanda & Chris on your recent engagement!  We couldn’t be more thrilled that you’ve selected Twin Oaks Golf Course for your wedding & reception!  With our fantastic San Diego weather, your outdoor wedding and reception will be amazing!

Amanda & Chris

Say Hello to the San Diego Fall Wedding Season

With Labor Day Weekend comes the end of summer. It’s time to switch gears and start getting ready for the San Diego Fall Wedding Season.  But what does that mean? Think your autumn wedding has to be all about pumpkin centerpieces and foliage hues? Not anymore! San Diego fall weddings have tons of style options- read on for some inspiration for your San Diego fall wedding that will be as excellent as the weather forecast.

Choosing Your San Diego Fall Wedding Color Palette

Experts agree that you do not have to use leaf-hues for a fall wedding, and that some couples tend to rely too heavily on these and other earth tones (like chocolate brown) in autumn. We’re not suggesting that you ignore the season entirely and use bright, summery colors or spring pastels; simply consider other rich and glamorous hues that fit the time of year. Try plum and aubergine combined with shades of cream and blush, or classic navy blue paired with a glam shade of gold.

For an of-the-moment look, Mix subdued neutrals with surprise pops of bright color. Some examples we love: Tiffany blue with mocha, and hot pink with charcoal gray. And if you want to use some classic fall hues, highlight them with fresh, unexpected tints like burnt orange and deep gold spiked with mango or fuchsia.

Autumn Wedding Color Palette

Dressing your San Diego Bridal Party

You shouldn’t feel obligated to outfit your maids in heavy fabric just because of the season. Lightweight fabrics like silk will look perfectly appropriate, but avoid super-summery ones like eyelet. It’s more important to choose a fabric that flatters everyone’s figures and a color that will complement their complexions (keep in mind that they may be paler in the fall).

For a glamorous fall bridesmaid look, try pale gold dresses accented with sashes or flowers in mango or fuchsia. Rust, aubergine, and deep (but not quite forest) green are also widely flattering shades that look chic at this time of year.

pale gold bridesmaids dresses

As for the guys, though seersucker may not be the best idea, the groom and his wedding party aren’t obligated to go with a formal, dark suit look. Light khaki suits have an earthy feel that’s still appropriate in the fall. San Diego fall weddings will most likely be warm enough to skip the jackets and go for a casual-but-polished look with crisp button-down shirts and khaki slacks.

Fall groomsmen attire

Fall Accents for your San Diego Wedding Décor

Though you might want to use them as filling for a ravioli starter, you don’t have to incorporate pumpkins into your wedding aesthetics. There are lots of other decor elements you can work into your wedding that reflect the season in more subtle ways. This season, wedding decor is all about texture. That means tablecloths in tactile, visually intriguing materials like quilted or ruched silk, linen, velvet, or even Ultrasuede. Use fabric with a crimped look or multiple textures (like organza embroidered with bits of chenille), or layer two tablecloths (think sheer velvet on top of taffeta).

Fall Wedding Layered Tablecloths

Speaking of napkins, they’re a clever place to work in seasonal accents. Tie them with a small bundle of millet or a crab apple accent for a fall feel. Look for inexpensive seasonal napkin rings at places like Crate & Barrel or Pier 1 Imports (you’ll find simple but stunning ones in gold and silver, wood grain, resin, and great fall colors). You can also make your own napkin bands using velvet or grosgrain ribbon.

Add a seasonal touch to your ceremony by using shafts of wheat or bunches of grapes (real or faux) as aisle markers. It’s harvest season in the vineyards, so say your vows under a pergola covered with grape vines — even if you’re not in the wine country.

Fall Wedding Centerpiece

Metallic accents continue to be huge, from classic silver and gold to more unexpected (and fitting for fall) pewter copper and bronze. Mercury glass vases will add glamorous pops of silver to cocktail tables and centerpieces. Gold and silver leaf accessories will liven up any table or place setting. Beyond vases, think napkin rings and framed photos telling the story of your relationship.

It’s easy to feel trapped in a certain kind of wedding style when you’re planning a fall wedding — you might feel bound to a wedding color palette of oranges and red, and that autumn leaves are a decor necessity. But it’s not so — it’s all about texture, deliciously rich colors, glamorous touches, and a few elements that say (but don’t scream) “fall.” Happy Planning!

Vendors We Love

Highlight: The Posy Peddler | Escondido Wedding Florist

Weddings at Twin Oaks has the luxury of working with some of the best San Diego Wedding Vendors. A full list of Vendors We Love can be found on, as a way to help you narrow down your choices.  While we love everyone on that San Diego Wedding vendor list (obviously!) we want to share with you some of our personal favorites.

This week we are excited to highlight: The Posy Peddler

The Posy Peddler is devoted to creating beautiful floral designs that will touch your soul and excite your imagination! Jeri is so wonderful to work with – her beautiful ideas combined with her vast knowledge of floristry are what make the Posy Peddler one of San Diego’s best florists! That and her glowing reviews and five star rating on make the Posy Peddler the obvious choice for all your San Diego florist needs, and why she is a Vendor We Love.

“We are family owned and operated for over 20 years, and located in the Escondido Valley, just minutes away from the largest floral market in San Diego county. We welcome commercial accounts and San Diego special events!

With nature as our inspiration… we blend harmonious colors, both vivid or subdued, unexpected textures, and often, that unforgettable fragrance that transports you to a magical place into each of our San Diego floral designs.

We take special care to hand select the freshest premium quality flowers for your order to ensure the lasting beauty that you expect. Whether it’s birthday wishes, get well thoughts, your anniversary, or mending a broken heart, our San Diego floral designers will help you select the perfect arrangement to convey your thoughts.

Getting Married??? We would love the opportunity to meet with you and help you design the perfect floral decor for your style and San Diego wedding venue. We have an extensive portfolio to help you select everything from your personal bouquet, ceremony flowers, to even your Cake! Our designers will collaborate with you to create an event that will be truly spectacular.”

IMG_1523e Posy Peddler San Diego Flowers Posy Peddler San Diego Flowers Posy Peddler San Diego Flowers Posy Peddler San Diego Flowers Posy Peddler San Diego Flowers

The Posy Peddler
310 W. Mission Ave, Escondido, California 92025

Real Weddings at Twin Oaks

Congratulations to Britini & JT!

Married June 21, 2014 at Twin Oaks Golf Course.


We’re excited to share this next wedding from Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Marcos California. It was a gorgeous day for a wedding – the sky was amazing and  Britini and JT are such fun people. Their wedding was full of emotion, love and laughter. Enjoy this sneak peak, with photography provided by Shirock Photography. (And don’t forget to visit our Photo Gallery for more beautiful photos.)

  Britini-JT_1563(pp_w649_h435) Britini-JT_1562(pp_w649_h435) Britini-JT_1559(pp_w649_h969) Britini-JT_1558(pp_w649_h435) Britini-JT_1557(pp_w649_h435) Britini-JT_1556(pp_w649_h435)

Real Weddings at Twin Oaks

Congratulations to Jolette & Johnny!

Married May 24, 2014 at Twin Oaks Golf Course.

We’re excited to share this next wedding from Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Marcos California. This couple really brought their vision to life –  by creating their own unique version of the Twin Oaks venue. The whole day was so beautiful and we wish Jolette & Johnny the very best life has to offer!  For a sneak peak of their big day, captured by Katie Jackson Photography, see below or check out our Photo Gallery for more of their amazing pictures!

Jolette& Johnny Cake CuttingJoletteJohnnyWedding_Reception-182JoletteJohnnyWedding_Portraits-164JoletteJohnnyWedding_Portraits-107JoletteJohnnyWedding_Portraits-9JoletteJohnnyWedding_GettingReady-159

Real Weddings at Twin Oaks

Congratulations to Kristien & Shawn!

Married May 4, 2014 at Twin Oaks Golf Course.

These two are seriously in love, and we’re happy to share their big day with you!  Every little detail was planned out to perfection.  The whole day was absolutely stunning and we wish Kristien & Shawn the very best life has to offer!  For a sneak peak of their big day, captured by Dan Rice Photography, see below or check out our Photo Gallery for more of their amazing pictures!

Olson Wedding 21Olson Wedding 20Olson Wedding 36Olson WeddingOlson Wedding 11Olson Wedding 2

Holiday Party Planning Tips from Twin Oaks

Summer is in full swing, so you know what that means: Time to Plan your Annual Holiday Party.  Prime dates are booking quickly, and you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to book your Holiday Party at your dream San Diego venue.  San Diego event planners are considering various options for this year’s corporate holiday parties – both client and employee appreciation, and many are looking for ways to control costs without compromising the overall value and experience.

Twin Oaks offers the following holiday planning tips to send the right message to your important internal employees and external constituents:

1.  Host a lunch event; if dinner, make it business casual.

It is always more cost effective to build your San Diego holiday party event catering from a luncheon menu vs. a dinner menu. Not only will this save money, but it usually helps to limit the guests to employees or clients only (no spouses or personal guests) – another way to save on the budget. But if you’re hosting an evening event, formal attire generally means that guests will expect a higher-end food and beverage experience – which will increase overall costs. Make it business casual instead, and feel free to entertain guests with fun, casual fair. Select mini sliders and a mashed potato bar – guests will appreciate the change from the normal, expected holiday party options.

2.  Use your San Diego venue to create atmosphere.

Rather than investing in the use of lighting and expensive centerpieces, choose a San Diego venue that already incorporates holiday elements. Work closely with you San Diego venue on creative ways they can position their current props and decorations in the room to enhance holiday festivities.

3.  Limit alcohol beverages.

Many more organizations have been doing this in the last few years. A couple successful strategies include offering a signature drink, limiting options to beer and wine, and offering a set number of drink tickets per person.  Coordinate bar options with your venue for a solution that will work best for your San Diego holiday party.

4.  Choose mini-desserts rather than full servings.   

The rule of thumb is that most guests take only two bites of dessert and the remainder is tossed. Consider setting up a dessert station with small portions and smaller quantities, and skip the full size slices of chocolate mousse this year.

5.  Make your San Diego holiday party an awards program.   

Give this year’s San Diego holiday party more of a business focus. Emphasize the appreciation for employees/clients with an optimistic future. This will help to associate the event with more measurable and tangible benefits.

Twin Oaks is proud to offer full service options for your San Diego holiday party needs. We offer a special Holiday Menu, as well as our Banquet Menu for your Holiday Party selections.

Please contact Jill Johnson, Catering Sales Manager today to book your event! Dates are filling quickly!

call: 760-304-5314

Now Trending in San Diego Weddings

Weddings at Twin Oaks doesn’t have a crystal ball, but we do have a pulse on what’s hot in the world of San Diego weddings. Here’s what you can expect to see in the upcoming San Diego Wedding Season.

1. Handmade Invitations

Investing in professionally designed wedding invitations is nice, but it’s also quite expensive. San Diego Wedding invitations routinely cost between 3 and 7 dollars for each card. While that may not sound like much individually, when you’re ordering 100 or more invitations that number suddenly becomes prohibitive. Another reason for avoiding the cookie-cutter pre-made invitation route is the lack of individuality. Your Twin Oaks edding is so special and unique to you, so skip the pricey, impersonal cards and choose something singular, hand-drawn and affordable. Make your invitations beautiful and intimate by doing them yourself or hiring a designer to handcraft the perfect suite.

2. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

San Diego Bridesmaid style has come a long way in the last few years. Gone are the days of everyone wearing the same dress. Today, brides are mixing it up by having ‘maids rock dresses with different styles, fabrics, and colors that make it way more interesting and fun. This trend allows you to highlight each individual woman’s style and ensure she’s wearing a dress that makes her feel great.

3. Photo Booths

Photo Booths are still a San Diego Wedding Trent. And it’s obvious why – they are fun for all ages and multi-purpose. They serve as a great icebreaker – this can help when many of your guests don’t know each other.  It certainly  gets people talking, laughing and interacting! Nobody is too young or old to enjoy a photo booth. Your San Diego wedding photo booth album can double as a guest book; while your guests keep one photo strip, the other one goes into your Album and  guests can leave a written and personal message for the two of you.

4. After Hours Party

These days, newlyweds no longer ride off into the sunset, headed for an evening of unbridled post-nuptial passion and other wedding-night cliches. Most San Diego wedding couples find that it’s also important to prolong the festivities at a post-reception blowout with friends and family, especially with those who have trekked great distances to attend the wedding. At any celebration, there are always revelers who refuse to let the good times come to a close, so it’s a good idea to have an after-hours game plan.

5. Family Style Dining

Is there anything more comforting than sharing a sumptuous meal with your family and friends? Great food, fine wine and perfect company always win the day. If you are having an intimate San Diego wedding, you can relax and throw out the formalities with a family-style reception dinner. Think of candlelit long tables and a wide variety of dishes to share with your guests.

Ten Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

For a truly magical outdoor wedding day, let these 10 tips from Weddings At Twin Oaks help make your outdoor celebration run as smoothly as possible.



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How to Make Table Top Terrariums for Your Wedding

weddingTerrariums are a simple, beautiful, and unique way to adorn the tables on your special day. You don’t need a designer, a green thumb, or a lot of money to make these fun little table toppers. Here we’ll walk through the simple steps involved in creating these tiny landscapes that require just a little time and effort.

Choose the Theme

Terrariums can be woven into just about any wedding theme. Sand and shells can be used to create a miniature beach landscape, or you can build a miniature water garden or ferny forest with a few water-loving plants. Decide what theme you’d like to emulate and then pick your plants and your container to match. You can even interweave figurines or small tokens within the terrariums to add some additional flair. Miniature Adirondack chairs, flip-flops, and cocktail umbrellas all make cute additions to a beach theme, or small glass and ceramic toadstools and butterflies can be added among ferns for a woodsy effect.

Create the Containers

Depending on the budget for your wedding, you can purchase specially made terrarium globes or simply pick up something that strikes your fancy. Just about any container will work as a foundation as long as it is mid-sized, water tight on the bottom, and has an opening on the top. Mason jars, vases, fish bowls, tea cups, and even margarita glasses can all be used to create terrarium centerpieces. Check out antique, thrift, or dollar stores for inexpensive and unique options.

Once you have your containers, create your base by filling the bottom with a layer of rocks or activated charcoal to allow for drainage. Add sand or terrarium soil. Try to find a base that will match your theme, and weave in wedding accents by using colored sand or gravel to match your wedding palette. Think about the plants you’ll be using as well. Succulents enjoy sand, and ferns and water plants will do best with rocks or terrarium soil. Terrarium soil can be found at your local nursery and is formulated to retain moisture while resisting mold.

Put in the Plants

Succulents are a great option when creating table top terrariums. They are hardy, require little water, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some great options are cacti, aloe plants, and tillandsias (air plants). If you aren’t going for the theme of sun and sand, try humidity-loving plants, such as ajuga, club moss, Scotch or Irish moss, maidenhair ferns, African violets, or moth orchids.

Once you have your plants arranged, take a small paintbrush and brush off loose dirt and sand that may have collected on leaves during arrangement. You can also use the brush to arrange the sand or dirt and make small dunes or hills for added texture.

Taking Care of Your Terrariums

The great thing about using living centerpieces is that you can create them well in advance of the big day. Make sure that succulents are kept in bright light and that more humidity-loving plants are kept moist.

These cute little centerpieces can also go home with the guests, giving them the chance to bring a piece of your wedding to remember the event when they leave.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas on a Budget

When it comes to décor for your San Diego wedding reception venue, it’s terrifyingly easy to overspend. The linen costs add up quickly, the chair covers aren’t cheap, and the flowers—oh, the expensive flowers! The average bride spent $2,000 on flowers in 2012. However, if you’re working with a tighter budget for an affordable San Diego wedding, don’t fear. Thanks to a few creative centerpiece ideas, you can easily trim your floral budget without sacrificing style.

1.  Monochromatic arrangements

Florists order their flowers from bulk suppliers who adjust their charges based on the size of the order. For a modern, sleek look at your reception, consider going with monochromatic centerpiece arrangements: think white tulips or pink carnations in simple glass vases. Because your florist will only have to place a single bulk order of one bloom, your cost will be far less than a complicated, diverse arrangement.

2.  Giant flowers

The bigger your flowers, the less you’ll need to fill a vase. Save some money by designing centerpieces with large blooms, like sunflowers, in order to reduce the size of your order. These bold arrangements make a big impression without betraying their meager cost.

3.  Wildflowers

For an outdoor, semi-casual San Diego wedding, colorful wildflowers can make a beautiful centerpiece without breaking the bank. Go to your local farmer’s market and choose some local blooms in an array of colors and then arrange in glass or white porcelain vases. Don’t worry about making a perfect arrangement—wildflowers shouldn’t look too fussy.

4.  Non-floral arrangements

Who ever said the centerpiece had to be floral? More and more San Diego brides are opting to skip the pricy flowers and are instead turning to fruit, candles, framed photographs and even potted herbs instead. The options are literally endless. Are you having a San Diego beach wedding? Consider a seashell arrangement. A rustic San Diego wedding? Go with pine cones interspersed among candles. Your San Diego reception will stand out from the crowd and you’ll save a fortune.

5.  Filler flowers

Filler flowers, such as baby’s breath, are the inexpensive flowers that you often see in an arrangement to add bulk and texture without detracting from the main blooms. However, filler flowers alone can make quite a statement if arranged properly. Take several white or green long-stemmed filler and arrange in a tall, skinny vase to make a dramatic spray. The end result is not only beautifully sophisticated, but inexpensive as well.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect San Diego Wedding Venue

Finding the right San Diego venue is truly the key to a successful wedding. This one decision dictates everything from the overall style of your big day down to the number of guests you can invite. As you look for the best San Diego wedding venue, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you find the perfect space.

 1.      Do I want an indoor or outdoor San Diego wedding?

The answer to this question should narrow down your search considerably. If you want an outdoor event, check out San Diego golf course weddings or beach weddings. If indoor is more your style, consider looking into San Diego banquet rooms or reception halls to find the best fit.

 2.      What kind of vibe do I want?

Do you see your wedding as a casual, late afternoon beach-y affair? Or do you envision a glamorous evening event? Once you determine the style you’re going for, narrowing down your venue options should be a little easier. Choose a San Diego wedding venue that appropriately suits your theme and your ideal level of formality.

 3.      How many wedding guests am I inviting?

You want your venue to comfortably fit all of your guests—meaning that you don’t want your guests too cramped or feeling like they’re drowning in a giant reception hall. Talk to different San Diego wedding venues about their capacity to get a better sense of what number of guests will work best in different spaces.

 4.      Does it fit your overall color scheme?

If you’re picturing a delicate color palette with blush bridesmaids’ dresses, pastel centerpieces and soft cream linens, a venue with burgundy carpet and mustard drapes will simply not work. Choose a venue that will complement your vision, not detract from it.

 5.      How hands-on do I want to be?

You may desperately want a rustic barn wedding, but who is going to be responsible for clearing out the horses, hay and manure and bringing in the tables and decorations? And who will stay late to clear everything out and put the barn back together again? Realize that every San Diego wedding venue comes with a different level of work—and that the amount of labor required will cost you.

 6.      Do I want an all-inclusive San Diego wedding package?

All-inclusive packages are typically when different services come bundled together with your venue—for example, for a set price your San Diego venue will also provide a DJ, a caterer and linens. This can be the perfect, money-saving solution for a bride who doesn’t have a ton of time to plan every teeny-tiny little detail. If this idea has you breathing a giant sigh of relief, focus on San Diego venues that offer wedding packages.

Alternative San Diego Wedding Trends

When most people think of San Diego weddings, they think of long white wedding gowns, elaborate plated dinners and hundreds of guests. Thankfully, there are no hard and fast rules for what makes a wedding successful. If you’re the type of San Diego bride who strives to stand out from the pack, consider incorporating a few of these alternative San Diego wedding trends into your big day.

1.  Short wedding gowns

Who ever said your wedding dress had to brush the ground? Let’s face it, floor-length gowns can be challenging—they make dancing difficult, they require bustling and they end up covered in dirt by the end of the night. If you want something unique, consider going with a cocktail-length wedding dress. You’ll spend far less money and be able to wear it again.

2.  Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Have you ever been a bridesmaid? If so, you know the pain that comes with spending hundreds of dollars on a dress that is often horribly unflattering and will likely never be worn again. Be kind to your girl friends. Consider choosing a color and allowing them to pick whatever dress they like in that shade. Or, be an even cooler bride and tell them to choose whatever dress and color they feel best in—trust me, they’ll be thrilled and your wedding will have an eclectic, colorful flair.

3.  Smaller San Diego weddings

Once upon a time, most wedding guest lists hovered around the 300 to 400-person mark. You and your groom would not only spend a fortune feeding all these people, but would then spend every moment of your big day trying to greet and thank every last guest. What about having fun, enjoying the party and dancing? There was no time for that nonsense! Thankfully, today’s San Diego weddings can be far more intimate. The beauty of a 50-person guest list is that you can truly share your day with those nearest and dearest to you—and still have plenty of time to enjoy your party.

4.  Untraditional wedding parties

Who decided that the bride had to have bridesmaids and the groom had to have groomsmen? Throw those notions out the window. If your best friend is a guy, have him as a “bridesman”. Likewise, if your husband-to-be is really close to his sister, encourage her to be his “best maid”. It’s nice to include those that are most important in your life, regardless of convention—and people truly love seeing something different!

Tradition may play a huge role in most San Diego weddings, but that doesn’t mean your big day has to be conventional. If traditional isn’t your style, embrace some of these fun alternatives and create an awesomely off-beat San Diego wedding to suit you and your future soulmate!

What does a Wedding Cost?

How much do you think the average wedding costs in America? If you’re planning your San Diego wedding sometime soon, check out the below infographic from Weddings at Twin Oaks to find out.

From the engagement ring to the ceremony and wedding reception venues to the meal for your guests, we’ve analyzed data to see how much each part of the average wedding costs and tallied up the national average spend on weddings in 2011 and 2012.
It turns out that weddings are getting more expensive. Surprised? We didn’t think so. But don’t let this information get you down. With some creative planning, every couple can have the beautiful San Diego wedding they’ve always dreamed of. With Weddings at Twin Oaks, you can find affordable wedding packages right here in San Diego, one of the most sought-after destinations in the nation.

Where is the most expensive place to get married? Is your engagement on par with the average engagement length? Find out by enjoying our graphic below.


How Much Does A Wedding Cost?

Why San Diego is the Best Place to Get Married in Any Season

When you take a look at all that San Diego has to offer, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular wedding locations in the US. Between the perfect climate, picturesque location and excellent local vendors, choosing to plan yourself a San Diego wedding is a no-brainer. Still not completely convinced? Here are just a few of the many reasons to get married in Southern California.

1. San Diego Weddings Year Round

If a gloomy, wet wedding day is your worst nightmare, a San Diego wedding is perfect for you. The area averages only 41 days of precipitation a year—less than anywhere else on the west coast. With these kinds of odds, a sunny wedding day is almost guaranteed! In addition, the relatively stable climate allows for a year-round wedding season rather than the typical May to October peak months. If you’re seeking an affordable San Diego wedding package, an off-peak date may be a great way to save some money without sacrificing ideal weather.

2. Gorgeous Scenery to Set the Stage

As you plan your San Diego wedding décor, it’s important to work with nature rather than against it. Thankfully, San Diego’s natural beauty allows for a picturesque setting year round. Imagine blue ocean, lush greenery and vibrant flowers—not a bad backdrop for your big day! Whether you’re looking for a casual beach-y vibe or an elegant golf course wedding, San Diego offers some of the best and most beautiful options in the country.

3. Top Notch San Diego Wedding Vendors 

Quality vendors are a key component of a successful wedding; luckily, Southern California is home to some of the finest in the industry. Take full advantage of all your choices and interview several different vendors for each of your needs. You’re sure to find the perfect option, from a talented local DJ to a gorgeous San Diego reception venue.  

4. Fabulous Destination for Out of Town Guests

Your out of town guests will have to spend a fair amount of money in airline travel and hotel stays—thankfully, San Diego is a popular destination for travelers and offers all kinds of tourist delights. By choosing to have a San Diego wedding, you’ll find that your long distance friends and family are even more thrilled to attend your big day. Encourage these guests to make a mini-vacation out of their trip, and include information on local happenings and tourist attractions on your wedding website.

San Diego is truly the best place to get married, no matter what season! Enjoy planning your wedding in one of the loveliest cities in the country—you certainly won’t regret your choice.

Upcoming Events for Weddings at Twin Oaks!

Bridal Bazaar

Come Visit Twin Oaks Golf Course at Bridal Bazaar!

This Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Will you be in Del Mar this weekend?  Then come by the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Sunday, October 27th to attend the Bridal Bazaar from 10:00AM – 4:00PM!  Weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course will be there, and would love to speak with you about creating your dream wedding! We’ll be handing out fun giveaways with your chance to win great prizes and complimentary upgrades to your Twin Oaks Wedding! 

See you all there!


Engagement Party // Open House

Join us Sunday, November 10th for our Engagement Party. The Open House event is complimentary,  open from 11:00am – 3:00pm.  Discover everything we have to offer for your San Diego dream wedding at Twin Oaks Golf Course. Sample culinary delights & delicious beverages, and enter for your chance to win a Spa Giveaway!

Plus, remember to bring your Twin Oaks Weddings giveaway from attending the Bridal Bazaar to reveal your complimentary upgrade!

Engagement Party // Open House
Sunday, November 10th
11:00am – 3:00pm
Garden Ballroom at Twin Oaks
1441 N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd. San Marcos, CA 92069

Download Your Invitation

Questions about this complimentary event?

Contact Jill Johnson, Catering Sales Manager


How to Choose the Best Colors for Your San Diego Wedding

Get ready to embrace your inner designer! Choosing your San Diego wedding color palette is one of the most important stages of planning and should be one of the very first decisions you make. After all, the hues you select set the tone for your wedding, from the invitations to the centerpieces. Keep the following elements in mind, and you’re sure to make the perfect choice for your Southern California wedding.

How to Pick Colors For Your San Diego Wedding

The Season

One of the easiest ways to narrow down your choices is to consider what time of year you’ll be getting married. Vibrant colors work best in the summer, while pastels are better suited to the spring. Meanwhile, rich colors like crimson, chocolate and burnt orange are most appropriate for autumn and winter weddings. Pay attention to nature’s cues, and you can’t go wrong.

Your Flowers

If you have your heart set on incorporating a particular flower into your bouquets and centerpieces, make sure to choose a color palette that works well with it. It’s an even better idea to first select a shade of your chosen flower and then design your color scheme around it.

Your Bridesmaids

Not all colors suit all skin tones—and in fact, some shades look awful on almost everyone! To keep your bridesmaids feeling happy and pretty, stick with a pleasing hue that flatters most skin tones and hair colors.

San Diego Event Venue

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, take into account the onsite gardens and landscaping. For example, if red rose bushes surround your reception area, a yellow color scheme may clash with the surrounding foliage. Likewise, if your celebration will be held inside a reception hall, it’s equally important to consider the colors in the carpet, draperies and décor. Choose colors that complement your setting and your wedding will look fabulous.

Remember that your wedding colors will set the stage for your big day—so choose carefully! But no matter what, you have to love the end result. Keep these topics in mind and you’re sure to pick the perfect palette for your wedding.


Real Weddings at Twin Oaks

Congratulations to Melanie & Brian!

Married August 10, 2013 at Twin Oaks Golf Course.

These two are pretty amazing – they had a way of making us feel like family right off the bat, and that didn’t stop the whole day.  These two are seriously in love, and we’re happy to share their big day with you!  Every little detail was planned out.  From the beer they had on tap (the very tasty Iron Fist from Vista, CA) to the undies that the guys wore … oh you’ll see.  The whole day was absolutely stunning and we wish Melanie & Brian the very best life has to offer!


San Diego Weddings at Twin Oaks

6 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Planning a San Diego wedding is fun and new and exciting—and expensive. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the mounting cost of your big day, don’t fret! There are plenty of little tricks that will save you lots of money.

 1.      Consider an off-peak season.

Who ever said you had to get married between the months of May to October? In San Diego especially, this rule can—and should—be broken. Many venues offer discounted rates during their “slow season”, which is typically November through March. Consider a Southern California winter wedding and save some serious cash.

 2.      Choose a different day of the week.

It’s true that Saturday seems to be the unofficial day of weddings, but who says it’s a rule? Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the savings to be had. If your San Diego event venue offers a reduced rate for a non-Saturday event, take advantage of it.

 3.      Don’t serve dinner.

When it comes to catering costs, dinner is the most expensive meal you can offer your guests. How about considering a brunch wedding reception, or a lunch? Both of these choices will save considerable money on your catering bill. Another option for an evening event is to forgo dinner and instead serve heavy appetizers at a cocktail reception.

 4.      Cut costs with the dress.

Dress shopping at bridal boutique sample sales can save you a bundle. Don’t get too bogged down with the fit—instead, focus on how the style suits you. Remember that a good seamstress can fix even the most ill-fitting dress. Another option is to search consignment stores for a secondhand dress. Since most wedding gowns are only worn once, you can find some gorgeous secondhand dresses in perfect condition for only a fraction of its original cost.

 5.      Don’t go crazy with the flowers.

Flowers are certainly an important part of any wedding décor, but there are a few tips to keep in mind that will help keep the overall expenses to a minimum. First of all, use as much greenery as possible. Also, try to choose local, seasonal flowers in order to reduce expensive shipping costs. You might also want to consider doing bouquets made up of only one flower—this creates a clean, modern, monochromatic look and saves money since your florist will only need to place one bulk order.

 6.      Get crafty.

Are you a DIY kind of girl? If so, consider making your own favors. Edible favors are always a hit, so homemade cookies, peanut brittle or macaroons attractively packaged are cute, fun and will save you plenty. Another money-saving idea is to make your own centerpieces. Pinterest and craft websites have some great tutorials for this. Although it takes some additional time and planning, DIY centerpieces can save you a bundle in the end.


Weddings can be expensive, but your big day doesn’t have to break the bank. Keep these tips in mind and your San Diego wedding will be both fabulous and affordable!

How to Choose the Perfect San Diego Wedding Cake

Sampling wedding cakes may be one of the highlights of planning your San Diego wedding, but finding a cake that tastes as great as it looks can be a challenge. Thankfully, San Diego has some of the country’s best bakeries to make sure your wedding cake is perfect. Keep the following information in mind and you’re sure to find the best baker and cake design for your big day.

Figure out your budget.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment! Identify your budget first before you start scouting San Diego bakeries and get your heart set on an over-the-top elaborate design. Knowing your budgetary constraints will help you narrow your search and keep your expectations realistic. If your budget is fairly modest, you may want to look into an independent baker who makes wedding cakes out of his or her home—these cakes are often fabulous and cost far less than a bakery confection.

Ask for recommendations.

Fancy websites and glossy advertisements are eye-catching, but a personal recommendation is key when it comes to choosing your San Diego bakery. Your caterer will likely have some great input, as will your wedding venue. Don’t forget to ask friends for ideas and check online reviews for feedback from other Southern California brides.

Arrive at your tasting with ideas.

Bring magazine clippings and online photos to your cake tasting so your baker can get a clear sense of your vision. Describe your San Diego venue and overall wedding style in detail. It’s also a good idea to bring some fabric swatches and pictures of your dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses for the baker to draw further inspiration. Be as specific as you want, but don’t forget to be open to suggestions from the baker—remember that they have a lot more experience with this than you do!

Don’t forget the pesky details.

Keep the logistics in mind at all times. For example, how many people will the cake need to serve? Make sure it’s large enough to feed everybody so no one gets left out. Will your cake be sitting outside for any period of time? If so, know that buttercream icing is very susceptible to heat and humidity; although this type of weather may be a rarity in San Diego, it’s still worth keeping in mind. Will the bakery deliver the cake to your San Diego wedding venue? It’s crucial to arrange for delivery—the potential for disaster is just too frightening!

San Diego Wedding Cake

It takes some planning, but in the end you’ll have a perfect wedding cake to match your perfect San Diego wedding day. Whether it’s vanilla, chocolate or red velvet iced with fondant or buttercream, your guests will love it—and most importantly, you and your husband will love it too.

How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your San Diego Wedding

Your wedding day will be many things: joyful, emotional, exhilarating… and a frenzied blur. After months of planning, the day will feel like it passes in an instant. Once it’s over, your photos will be a lasting memento for you to turn to when you want to relive one of the most special days of a woman’s life. So, in order to guarantee fabulous pictures that you actually enjoy looking at, it’s crucial to choose the right photographer. But how does a busy San Diego bride-to-be find the perfect fit?

San Diego Wedding Photographer

Don’t procrastinate.

The best San Diego wedding photographers book their schedules about a year in advance—so, don’t dawdle. After you set a date and find a venue, nailing down your photographer should be the very next thing on your to-do list.

Put your feelers out.

Start asking around about wedding photographers as soon as you get engaged. Personal references from friends are invaluable, as are online reviews. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations among your wedding vendors as well—for example, your wedding reception venue will likely be able to provide some great information based on their past experience.

Develop a vision.

When you imagine your wedding album, what do you see? Perhaps you envision documentary-style photos of your day, which are entirely candid and un-styled. Or maybe you’re looking for portraiture photography, with lots of traditional poses. And then again, you might want something altogether different and unique. Whatever your vision is, identify it and embrace it!

Do your homework.

Choosing a wedding photographer is trickier than selecting any other component of your big day for one reason: you won’t know what you’re getting until it’s too late. In order to ensure that you’re thrilled with your pictures, it’s crucial that you do your due diligence before—so prepare to scour potential photographers’ website galleries, dig through online reviews and ask around to get a clear picture of their reputation.

Meet them in person.

There’s no substitute for a face-to-face meeting when it comes to getting a feel for a photographer’s energy, vision and personality. You’ll be spending most of your wedding day in their company, so don’t underestimate the importance of a personal connection.

Don’t try to cut corners.

Your cousin may be an aspiring photographer willing to shoot your wedding for free, but remember—you get what you pay for. You certainly don’t have to break the bank for great pictures, but this is one area of the budget where you really don’t want to scrimp. Your wedding only lasts for one day, but the pictures are forever. With a little research, some forethought and a reasonable budget, you’re sure to find an outstanding San Diego photographer who will deliver pictures you’ll be proud to show off for a lifetime!

5 Tips to Plan the Perfect San Diego Quinceañera

For most Latina girls, your fifteenth birthday celebration—or quinceañera—is right up there next to your wedding day as one of the most special days in a young woman’s life. And similar to a wedding, ensuring the perfect quinceañera requires a tremendous amount of forethought and planning. So what’s an almost-fifteen-year-old to do? Keep the following tips in mind while you plan your party, and your San Diego quinceañera is sure to be the fabulous affair you’ve always imagined!

 1.      Set a budget and stick to it.

This is key. Talk to your parents about your vision, but keep in mind that you may have to scale back on some things in order to keep your party from breaking the bank. If you’re going to have padrinos and madrinas help sponsor your Sweet Fifteen, it’s important to find out what these family members or friends are able to contribute before making your budget.

 2.      Choose the perfect venue.

Think of your venue as the foundation of your quinceañera. The event space will be the backdrop of your reception, will be featured in all your photos and will determine your décor options. For these reasons, it’s crucial to choose the right banquet venue. Most quinceañeras are held in event spaces that often serve as wedding venues. Tour several different party venues in San Diego before making your choice, and examine their amenities carefully—when you find the right one, you’ll know!

 3.      Don’t skimp on the photographer.

Your big day will pass by in a blur, and once it’s over all that’s left are your memories… and the pictures! So rather than trying to save money by putting your aunt and her iPhone camera in charge of capturing your party, splurge on a professional photographer. Ask friends for suggestions or check with your San Diego event venue for recommendations. Years from now, you’ll be happy you paid a little extra for quality photos!

San Diego Quinceanera

 4.      Pick the right dress.

Now for the really fun part of planning—dress shopping! Traditional quinceañera dresses are white or pink, but today anything goes. Try on a variety of styles, colors and silhouettes to get an idea of what flatters your body shape and skin tone best. Stay away from anything too sexy and opt for a classy look instead. But most importantly, choose a dress that you feel great in—there’s nothing more beautiful than confidence!

 5.      Don’t forget to have fun!

Your quinceañera is a very special day; so, enjoy it! It’s easy to get bogged down in the details of planning and to stress over all the little things that don’t go exactly as planned. But when it’s all over, the day is really about celebrating your transition into womanhood with your closest friends and family. Relax and enjoy your San Diego quinceañera. Eat, dance, laugh and have a fabulous time—after all, it’s your party!

Real Weddings at Twin Oaks

Congratulations to Paige & Michael!

Married August 17th 2013 at 5:45 pm at Twin Oaks Golf Course.

Congratulations to Paige & Michael on their recent marriage! We were so happy to host their Wedding at Twin Oaks Golf Course this past August. We wanted to wish this adorable couple the absolute best, and give you a taste of how sweet their San Marcos wedding was.


Love is Sweet Dessert Table

San Marcos Wedding at Twin Oaks

Wedding Ceremony in San Marcos

Golf Course Weddings in San Marcos


Eat, Drink and Be Married!

Edition 1 – Wedding Cake Trends

Move over florals, and make room for the Cake! The wedding cake is a centerpiece of any couple’s big day – and now it’s become primarily an intricately sculpted piece of art, and the dessert factor is secondary.  Have your cake and eat it too!

Texture, color, and inventiveness are the hot trend of the year, and many of these wedding cake styles we are seeing today will likely continue to satiate our sweet teeth at 2014 weddings as well.

The latest and greatest is the delicate, yet mesmerizing look of ruffled and frilled fondant:

Ruffle Wedding Cakes by San Diego Bakeries The semi-soft and super smooth texture of fondant ruffles can be oriented upward, downward, spiraled, and sideways, which is part of what makes this technique so interesting. And when embellished by a strategic use of colors, the combination is breathtaking.


Speaking of colors, Ombre has taken the world by storm! This may be the most popular trend for 2013 weddings.

San Diego Bakery Ombre Cake Subtly fading colors with a gradient effect is known as ombre- and we’re seeing it used with both fondant and buttercream cakes. So those that want to wow their guests with that creamy, dreamy frosting can still delight in this cake style.


Patterns also transcend both fondant and buttercream frosted cakes.

Pattern Cakes by San Diego Bakeries The always elegant damask pattern and lace overlays have taken the stage with the vintage throwback we’ve been experiencing in 2013.


And we’ll take the concept of the wedding cake being a piece of art one step further with the interesting emergence just last year of hand painted wedding cakes.

San Diego Hand Painted Wedding Cakes They are incredibly unique to each and every wedding; they are meticulously artisanal; and when it comes to wowing guests, they never fail.


Needless to say, we think that the 2013 wedding cake trends happening are truly sweet, and we hope they stick like honey!

For more cake ideas, visit the Weddings at Twin Oaks Pinterest Page, which features some amazing wedding cakes by our favorite Preferred Bakeries:

Make your Reception a Party!

Instead of asking yourselves how to keep the kids occupied during the cocktail hour or reception, think about your entire guest list. Great food and drink is a must, but even better is to add to a few games or ice-breakers to get guests mixing and mingling before they sit down to dinner.

For a twist on the traditional, take a look at a few of our favorites:

Corn Hole

We love weddings with Southern charm, and what’s better in the south than Corn hole… or a good old fashion bean bag toss – no matter what you call it, this cannot be a bad idea.  Imagine how much fun your guests (and you!) will have sipping a cocktail on the terrace and tossing a beanbag? Plus, the options are endless for creating your very own custom corn hole set.

Cornhole at your Oceanside Wedding Reception

Photo Booth

Okay, so you probably already have a photographer…but having a photo booth at your reception where guests can take their own pictures is always fun too. Whether you rent a photo booth or make your own, offer props and signs for guests to use while striking a pose. With a photo booth, you can capture the great moments your photographer may have missed while taking your glam shots!

Photobooth at your Oceanside Wedding Reception

Wedding Piñata

One of our favorite new trends is the wedding piñata! We’re not talking about a donkey or a cartoon character you find at the generic party store down the street. These are serious paper art pieces designed and constructed to complement your wedding. And couples aren’t stopping there — fill it with small favors for your guests like lottery tickets, personalized pins, small toys (for the kids) and mini plastic liquor bottles (for the adults).

Have a Pinata at your San Marcos Wedding Reception

Bocce Ball

Can you say ice-breaker in Italian?! Bocce Ball is the perfect opportunity for your guests to let their hair down and get to know each other better. Lawn games pair great with outdoor weddings with warm and sunny weather – which pretty much describes all San Diego weddings!

Bocce Ball at your Fallbrook Wedding Reception

A Spectacular Send-Off

Let’s not underestimate the power of a spectacular send-off. Once guests are riding high on a night of dancing and drinking (open bar, right?) sending you off in style can be a fun way to end the night. Offer up a fun way for guests to wish you well as you end . Bubbles and sparklers are tried and true choices, but don’t limit yourself to these! Other ideas may include throwing confetti, having guests create and toss paper airplanes, or having them attach a secret note for the bride and groom on a balloon and letting it go!

San Marcos Wedding Reception

Congrats! and Thanks!

Congratulations to Sondra and Casey Garness!

Happy Couple Sondra & Casey


They were married on July 6th and celebrated with their friends and family on August 3rd here in San Marcos, at Twin Oaks! 

Twin Oaks would like to wish you lots of joy and happiness – May it be the start of a wonderful and exciting life together.






Thank you for attending the Twin Oaks Engagement Party!

To all those that attended the Weddings Open House at Twin Oaks this past weekend, thank you! We hope you enjoyed our San Marcos wedding venue and will consider Twin Oaks for your next event.

San Marcos Weddings Open HouseOceanside Weddings Open House


Miss the event? No worries! Schedule a tour at Twin Oaks any day of the week, and receive a free quote for your event. 





Engagement Party

Thanks for stopping by our booth at the Bridal Bazaar yesterday!

If you missed our exhibit or wanted more information, join us this Sunday, August 4th for our Engagement Party. This Open House event is complimentary,  open from 11:00am – 3:00pm.  Discover everything we have to offer for your dream wedding at Twin Oaks Golf Course.Sample culinary delights & delicious beverages, and enter for your chance to win a Spa Giveaway!

Engagement Party // Open House
Sunday, August 4th
11:00am – 3:00pm
Garden Ballroom at Twin Oaks
1441 N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd. San Marcos, CA 92069

Download Your Invitation

Questions about this complimentary event?

Contact Jill Johnson, Catering Sales Manager


Bridal Bazaar

Come Visit Twin Oaks Golf Course at Bridal Bazaar!

This Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Will you be in San Diego this weekend?  Then come by the San Diego Convention Center on Sunday, July 28th, for the Bridal Bazaar from 10:00AM – 4:00PM!  Weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course will be there, and would love to speak with you about creating your dream wedding!

See you all there!

Introducing our New Executive Chef

Chef Jose Lopez, Executive Chef

Chef Jose Lopez

Executive Chef
The Garden Room at Twin Oaks
 Jose Lopez, a San Diego native, is no stranger to the JC Resorts family. His culinary expertise was honed at the renowned Rancho Bernardo Inn, working alongside such experienced Chefs as: Gavin Kaysen and Nicolas Bour. Jose brings over 15 years of experience to the Garden Room at Twin Oaks.

As Executive Chef, Jose oversees the culinary concept and his team’s execution of the Garden Menus.  Chef Lopez played a critical role in opening the premier San Marcos wedding venue. He has served in every aspect of the banquet operation and carries forward the tradition of imaginative preparation of seasonal foods from premium local farms and artisan producers.

The new menus celebrate California cuisine in a refreshing combination of local flavors. Chef Lopez has added his unique style and fresh palate to the menus, including his signature plate:

San Marcos Wedding Cuisine


Fennel Roasted Salmon
served with a Baby Heirloom Tomato Caprese
with a Balsamic Reduction.  


To view the full menus, please download them here:

Twin Oaks Wedding Packages
Special Event Menus


The Garden Room at Twin Oaks

Now with the renovations completed, Twin Oaks Golf Course proudly presents The Garden Room: newly remodeled California craftsman ballroom and wedding facility.

The Garden Ballroom’s mission bungalow design has been enhanced with bright white beamed ceilings and large picture windows stretching your views to the wedding lawn. The adjacent pre-function space compliments your reception with a fully equipped built in beverage bar. This versatile space has limitless opportunities to add to your event.  The Garden Terrace is Twin Oaks’ outdoor reception space, complete with a large fireplace and market lighting. Dine under the stars then dance the night away in this picturesque setting.

Newly renovated Garden Ballroom

Garden Terrace with Market Lighting


Let’s not forget about Twin Oaks’ new Bridal Dressing Suite. This private bridal changing room is yours for the big day.  From hair and makeup to pre-wedding celebrations with your wedding party, the Bridal Suite is your own sanctuary. Relax in the comfort of family and friends in this intimate space complete with hors d’oeuvres and champagne on your wedding day.

Get ready in your Private Bridal Dressing Suite

Private Bridal Dressing Suite for your Bridal Party


Why mess with perfection? The natural hilltop setting is the perfect ceremony site for your Twin Oaks wedding.   Weddings on the Garden Vista Lawn overlook the championship golf course and fountain, with the rolling hills of Twin Oaks Valley set as your backdrop.

Hilltop Garden Ceremony

Garden Vista Lawn


The Garden Room at Twin Oaks Golf Course is now offering a Summer Solstice Booking Special:
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Recovered Dreams

Renae and Gene – October 15, 2011

Renae and Gene are my last couple that we assisted from the Old Richland Schoolhouse closure. This couple was so devastated by the closure that they took their story to the media. Allies Party Rental, was working with them as their coordinator and together, we knew that we’d be able to give them something even more special. During our meetings, we sat out on the Stixx patio, drank wine, and enjoyed the ambiance while we thought up ways to recover their dreams. When the day finally arrived, the weather could not have been more perfect; clear skies and warm sun. With record breaking temps just days before, the high of 77 was more than welcome. However, nothing was more radiant than the bride’s smile. Simply stunning! The bridesmaids wore royal blue satin dresses that were punctuated by beautiful burgundy bouquets created by Spendid Sentiments: ( Allies party rental outdid themselves with the market lights and lanterns hung over the patio ( The interesting color scheme of khaki, burgundy and royal blue really came together through the floral centerpieces and well placed accents. Check out the candy table! The groom made the sign, “Love is Sweet”. The yummy cake was provided by Edelweiss (

With the work of amazing wedding vendors, and the warmth of family and friends by their side, Renae and Gene ultimately received the wedding of their dreams. Congratulations to you both.