Once you’ve had time to shop around and look into various photographers or photo companies you’ll want to sit down and really review the photographers work or brand consistency, and personality before you consider them for the job. Then once you’ve settled on a photographer or company start reviewing the packages and specific details.

While we all have that one filter that makes our makeup pop just the way we like it, it’s just a trend, please try to stay away from trending styles. Remember how popular glamor shots were back in the 90’s and now we shutter when we walk past them in the hall way? I speculate that one day we will feel the same way about those cheesy SnapChat filters.

So, what exactly makes the best shot?

Timeless with an Edge

Timeless with an Edge

Glad you asked! The best shot has to start with technical precision. The photo has to be shot with proper exposure, framing, and lighting, if not – then it’s just a good try.  Once the technique is established, then finding creativity or emotion within the image is important. Having all of these ingredients is what is going to produce a professional picture. Keep that inmind when looking at galleries from potential photographers, take note and try to avoid super trends like overly faded images, overly saturated colors that make people orange or neon. Basically stay away from current trends as they become dated quickly. True Photography mentions, “Keep it clean, classy, true to the moment, with beautiful color and contrast. We love images that are timeless with an edge, we feel that those will look amazing in 30 years”.

Photographer vs. Company

There are benefits with hiring an individual photographer as well as a larger studio with a handful of photographers. Hiring an individual photographer guarantees you that everything will be done by that one person. It is smaller and intimate. When hiring a larger company you are going more for the overall brand. With a solid brand and company it can bring great consistency and a very streamlined process. The big advantage of hiring within a solid company or brand, is that if one photographer gets a fever or breaks their leg the day before your wedding, there will be another photographer of equal caliber and training in the studio that has the same talent and approach. This almost give you a built in insurance policy. The key when viewing either an individual or larger studio is to view many galleries to see that consistency.

It is important to make sure that you like the studio/ photographers overall vibe and personality. But the final determining factor should be because you LOVE the work. It’s about finding the style and look that you really connect with.  It is important that your photographer is pleasant. But more importantly, it’s that they have the talent to produce amazing images, because that’s all that is left after the wedding day. The photographer is there for a blink of time (my parents don’t even remember their photographer’s name), but those images will always be there.  Basically, I suggest that you don’t get distracted by choosing someone who is really cool or because they remind you of your best friend from college. Consider that a bonus. Make sure that they are offering the end product that matches your vision.

When to say “Yes”

Do you love the work? Do you love many galleries? Does the company have amazing reviews in the industry or on Yelp? If you have said yes to all of these questions, then you my friend have found the right fit! Time to sit down and discuss the details:

-Costs of Packages

-Special effects (black and white, retouches, etc.)

– Number of images that you receive

-Hours and travel expense