Adam and Karen met last April 2016. Their first date was at Hotel del Coronado, it was the best first date either of them had ever been on. After years of dating and being hit or miss, it was so refreshing for Karen to meet Adam. She explained that “Adam was so honest, persuasive, and well very handsome”. He was always thinking and planning out their next date which was something so new to Karen.

And that was IT!

The two became girlfriend and boyfriend pretty quickly. Karen admitted “I knew that this was IT for me, plus Adam was pretty open about wanting to marry me from day one”! Adam proposed on October 31st while the two were on a trip in Napa, California. How could anyone not get engaged at the most romantic place on Earth, right? Adam nailed it!

Here at Twin Oaks we love how this cute couple announced their engagement on social media, so creative!

Karen and Adam 10-31-2016

She Said Yes!

We chose Weddings at Twin Oaks Golf Course…

“Because it had a little bit of home for both of us. Adam is a country boy from Mississippi and I’m just a gal from Arizona. Adam loved the trees surrounding the golf course and I loved the mountains. Plus, Jill was so welcoming and patient with us making it pretty easy for us to decide on twin oaks.”

“We are both looking forward to sharing our love, loyalty, faithfulness, and admiration for one another for the rest of our lives”.

  • February 9, 2017
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