Our Story

Lauren and Ismael met back in 7th Grade at Woodland Park Middle School. For two years they had random classes together; Science with Mrs. Marks, History with Mr. Crawford and PE with Mr. Logan. Ismael was always that friendly face and funny personality, cracking jokes while maintaining a sincere friendship. When they went to high school, they did what most Middle School friends do… separate and find your new group. High school was a beast. Ismael played Football his freshmen year and discovered his love for art, computers and cars. Lauren continued her love of Volleyball and followed her passion with school. Senior year Lauren’s Dad passed away, and life was never the same.

Graduation came and once again everyone separates to find their callings.  A few years later Lauren and Ismael reconnected through a random mutual friend, Jason. One day Lauren came home to find a message from Ismael on Myspace with the line “Remember me?” Instantly the two picked up their friendship right where they had left off.

Initially they had no intention of dating or any romantic connection, but that’s how some of the strongest relationships start. They began spending more and more time together and what was once a fun friendship blossomed into something much more. A love for the ages, an undeniable passion, and an unwavering respect for one another.  Best Friends, Partners and Soul Mates. The rest… is history <3

Why did we choose Twin Oaks Golf Course?

“I had my heart set on finding a venue that supported an outdoor area that we could hang market lights from. I always envisioned our wedding in the evening with soft romantic details- lighting being a huge part of that. When I toured Twin Oaks I fell in love… The venue had EVERYTHING we wanted. I love the ability to mix it up, and have different parts of the wedding in different rooms. The Patio area with the large fireplace and market lights was the icing on the cake- perfection. Not to mention – It was one of more reasonably priced venues.” – Laura Hennessey